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Online Advertising Rate Card

The Chamber Press, run some of the largest digital assets in the world. We can give you exposure to worldwide readers who are unique. Our digital asset and advertising options exist on the web and mobile.

Banners Ads

Break away and create immediate massive impact. We have a wide variety of banner ads to choose and grow you brands and products.
• All banners positions and sponsorships are awarded based on availability and on a “first come, first
serve” basis. Booking period is allowed for 5 days only upon confirmation of purchase.
• Regions are defined as: e.g. East Africa, Middle East, Europe, e.t.c. and all regions exclude Kenya.

Monthly Banner Rates

BannersBanner SizesFull Targeting
TOP BANNER – Home page728 x 90 pixelsKes.160,000
LONG ADVERT – Home page160 x 600 pixelsKes.200,000
1st Full Square – Home page300 x 250 pixelsKes.90,000
2nd Full Square – Home page300 x 250 pixelsKes.85,400
3rd Full Square – Home page300 x 250 pixelsKes.80,400
Mini Square – Home Page200 x 200 pixelsKes.40,500
TOP BANNER – Inside pages728 x 90 pixelsKes.120,000
Leader boards – Home page728 x 90 pixelsKes.100,000
Mini Square – Video/Photo200 x 200 pixels Kes.40,500
Square – Inner Landing300 x 250 pixelsKes.32,000
Tower Square – Inner Landing300 x 600 pixelsKes.26,000
M. Square/Square – Story Pages300 x 250 pixelsKes.26,000
Tower Square – Story Pages300 x 600 pixelsKes.26,000
Cost per Click (CPC)All SizesKes.26,000
Cost per Impression (CPM)All SizesKes.22,950
FeaturesAll SizesKes.22,950


The sponsorship of sections allows brands to own complete inventory of the section and comprises of 5 major elements – rich media and innovations, PR, social media, logo placements and standard and large banner ads, across the web and mobile. Brands enjoy millions of impressions for themselves where exclusive and multiple campaigns can run simultaneously.

Monthly Sponsorship Rates

SectionsRegional TargetingFull Targeting
Home PageKes.80,000Kes.200,000
Must ReadKes.20,400Kes.60,000



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